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Limo Wine Tours Long Island is not limited to a ride up the east coast. Long Island wine lovers and veterans can choose their stops, venues, and locations. Ace Luxury Wine Tours can assist you in arranging your wine tour, making reservations, and arranging lunch.

We offer the finest Limo Wine Tours Long Island with our top fleet, including Suburban Limo, Suburban Limo, and Chrysler Limo.

Long Island Wine Tour

New York’s wine-growing regions have seen a tremendous increase in tourism. We offer the best Limo Wine Tours Long Island with our Chrysler Limo or Expedition Limo, which seats 14 people. The Expedition Limo and Chrysler are custom outfitted with black/white Bentley interior, fiber optic lighting throughout, multiple TVs w/ DVD player, Jet Door, etc.

Limo Wine Tours Long Island is a wine tour that allows groups and companies to organize their meetings and wine tours in New York City, Long Island, and Hamptons. Our Town Car Limo White or Navigator Limo Black can accommodate 8-10 people. They have TVs throughout the limousine with Bluetooth Radio, two-wood bars w/champagne holders, and decanters.

The fleet offers a wide range of amenities. Your entire group of up to 20 people can relax and enjoy the ride in our Suburban Limo and Navigator Limo White Limo. Limo Wine Tours Long Island operators will go the extra mile to ensure that you and your group have a wonderful time on wine tasting tours in New York.

We offer the best personal and party tours, whether it’s wine tasting or a visit to a vineyard. You will surely understand the difference in quality when you take a limousine ride or charter a luxury party bus. We offer over 50 wine tours each week. We also have more than 25 luxury limousine wine tours. These tours range from 50-passenger luxury limos to black cars.

Here are the luxury limousines available for the Limo Wine Tours Long Island:

  • Towncar Limo White

Capacity: Seating up to 8 Passengers

Amenities: Bluetooth Radio, Bar w/ TV.

  • Chrysler Limo

Capacity: 14 Passengers with Jet Door

Amenities: Custom Black/White Bentley style Interior, White Marble Floors with Matching Bar Tops, Vegas lighting on floors, bars, ceiling, and partition with built-in TV.

  • Navigator Limo Black

Capacity: Seating up to 10 Passengers

Amenities: Two wood Bars w/champagne holders and decanters, TVs throughout the limo with 2,000-watt stereo, VIP Section.

  • Expedition Limo

Capacity: Seating up to 14 Passengers

Amenities: Fiber Optic Lighting throughout, Multiple TV’s w/ Dvd Player, 2 Bars and VIP Area.

  • Navigator Limo White

Capacity: Seating up to 20 Passengers

Amenities: 4000-watt Stereo System, Wood Floor with Bars Inside Seating and 1 Full Bar, Club Lighting Package, VIP Section.

  • Suburban Limo

Capacity: Seating up to 20 Passengers

Amenities: Fiber Optic Lighting throughout, Multiple TVs w/ Dvd Player, 2 Bars, and VIP Area.


Long Island  Wine Tours for You and Your Family

Long Island Family Wine Tours

As Long Island’s oldest wine tours provided, Ace Luxury Wine Tours offers private Long Island Limo Wine Tours, limousine transportation, and wine tasting tours. Our packages will provide you with the most luxurious and comfortable experience. We are a family-owned company founded back in 1967. The fundamental goal of the company was to provide transportation for corporate clients using a single car. The company has grown to include over 25 luxury vehicles, ranging from luxury black cars to luxury 50-passenger buses. We have direct contacts with over 20 wineries in Long Island. Some of our partnered wineries include:

  • Vineyard Tour Long Island.
  • Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard
  • Bedell Cellars
  • Castello di Borghese
  • Corey Creek
  • Duckwalk Vineyards
  • Jamesport Brewery
  • Jason’s Vineyard
  • Laurel Lake Vineyards
  • Lenz Winery
  • Lieb Cellars
  • Long Island Spirits
  • Macari Vineyards
  • One Woman Wines Vineyards
  • Martha Clara
  • Osprey’s Dominion
  • Palmer Vineyards
  • Pellegrini Vineyards
  • Pindar Vineyards
  • Pugliese Vineyards
  • Raphael Vineyards
  • Riverhead Cider House
  • Twins Stills Moonshine

We offer Long Island Wine Tours at the most affordable prices. We can organize tours to satisfy your needs and happiness. They show you the best of Long Island. Long Island’s East End is home to more than 20 wineries, vineyards, and other attractions. One of our Town Cars allows you to travel in luxury. You can travel in luxury with one of our Town Cars, stretch limousines or stretch buses.

We are looking ahead to help plan your Long Island Wine Tours!

The NYC tourist’s itinerary should include Long Island wineries. You can’t miss the many wineries that are popular in the country. But, you can only access long Island wineries on a wine tour. Here are some of the reasons:

  1. You can have someone else do your research on Long Island Wineries. It should be easy to pick a place to visit. There are so many well-known Long Island Wineries that it can be hard to choose the right one. It may also take a lot of time to taste their wines. Good Long Island wine tours have the advantage that someone has done the research for you and tried and tested the arrangement to get you the best possible wine tour. They will know how long each tasting takes and when you can take off to the next stop, if necessary.
  2. You have the option to swallow rather than spit. Wine tasting is a dangerous activity. If you drink more than you intended, you run the risk of getting drunk and driving, which is not the best way to end a wine-tasting trip. Long Island wine tours allow you to swallow the wines without worrying about any side effects, other than bad singing and possibly a headache tomorrow.
  3. Stories and wine education: There are differences between American and French oak, such as: how to pronounce Mourvedre correctly. What makes a wine superior to a wine made in another environment? Even wine experts can learn a lot from wine tour guides. Experienced, enthusiastic guides passionate about wine and have outgoing personalities make the best Long Island wine tours. To determine if the tour is the one for you, read through our customer reviews and learn about their experiences. You will be able to gain a sense of the relationship between tour-goers and guides.
  4. Wine tasting experiences upgraded: You must know what to look for when you inspect fine wines. Traces of cherry, cigars, plum, and stone fruits? They write it on paper in the tasting rooms. But wine tasting is about more than just reading the script. Guided wine tours offer behind-the-scenes access to the cellars and the opportunity to meet the winemakers. You will hear the winemakers speak about their wines and not just what they say to marketers.

Long Island wineries are some of the most prestigious in the country. Enjoy the experience to its fullest.

Enjoy the Taste of Long Island Wine Tour

rent-a-carAce Luxury Wine Tours offers our Long Island Wine Limo Tours, second only to our Hudson Valley Wine Tours. You can visit some of Long Island’s most stunning vineyards by chartering an Ace Luxury Wine Tours limousine, luxury bus, or coach. We offer a discount at many famous wineries if you book your trip through us. We provide thrilling tours through New York’s wine country. We stop at the top wineries to see their stunning facilities and sample their finest wines. We are committed to safety and comfort but also enjoy a day with delicious wines. Our winery limousine service is simply the best you can get.

Long Island’s wine country is a magical place. It has over 60 wineries that thrive and more than 30 wineries that open their doors to offer their wines to the public. It’s more than a trip to the vineyards where the experts will assist you in setting up the whole day. It will be more than a typical wine tour service. We can suggest vineyards and wineries or arrange delivered lunches. Long Island’s award-winning wines are available for tasting. You can also take a fascinating cellar tour to see the skilful vintners of Long Island. Our viticulture experts will also check the winery schedules for entertainment and special events.

Irrespective of your wine tasting skills as a beginner or an experienced wine connoisseur, a Long Island Wine Tours Limo is a great getaway for vacations. Book a Long Island Wine Tours Limo to take you around Long Island’s wineries and enjoy the delicious flavors. Long Island Wine Tours Limo is perfect for couples or large groups of friends. These are just several reasons why limo wine tours are the best way to go on any Long Island Wine Tours Limo.

Long Island’s vineyards are renowned for their top-quality wines, exceptional eateries, and breathtaking views. There are so many extravagant attractions that visitors don’t need to worry about the small details. Let our skilled chauffeur handle the details, such as directions and timing. You will have more opportunities to experience the wines and make memories with your friends.

Many tourists want to visit the best Long Island restaurants and vineyards while they are in wine country. Sometimes it is important to escape the crowds and find hidden gems that only locals know about. Long Island Wine Tours Limo guides are locals so that they can recommend wineries, eateries, shops, and other not commonly known places.

The best thing about Long Island Wine Tours Limo is its ability to be altered in any way that suits your needs. It is possible to create a time that only focuses on small winemakers who don’t distribute throughout the country. Tours could include visits to some of Long Island’s most renowned wineries. Ace Luxury Wine Tours are ideal for both experts who know exactly where to go and first-time visitors who want to experience the unique appeal of wine country.

The tastings are spectacular, and many of the restaurants are culinary icons. The stunning beauty of the valleys is a standout amongst the best experiences of any wine country getaway — one of the most picturesque views in Long Island’s lush vines with the setting sun.

Ace Luxury Wine tasting tours offer an opportunity to taste a variety of wines from different valleys. These opportunities come with serious responsibility. Remember that driving while drunk is illegal and dangerous. You can have the best of both worlds by hiring a responsible Long Island limousine driver.

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