Stressless chairs are manufactured in Norway at a cutting-edge facility that uses proprietary Comfort-Zones technology to allow your body to sink into the seat. Its ErgoAdapt and Power(tm) technologies automatically adapt your chair to your weight and posture. Stressless also has a manufacturing site in North Carolina and Norway. This location is in charge of upholstering and partially assembling Stressless chairs. These chairs can be purchased online or from authorised dealers. You may see videos of Stressless chairs in use.

Comfort-Zones(tm) technology allows your body to sink deeper into the seat.

Stressless chairs are designed using comfort-zones(tm) technology. The initial layer of this cushion is made of perforated foam that conforms to your body’s contours. The second foam layer is constructed of ultra-soft polyester fibres. These two layers are combined to form the most comfortable and ventilated chair seat possible. The end effect is unparalleled comfort and support.

Instead of standard chairs and couches, stressless furniture has a unique spring system and revolutionary foam that fits your shape and weight. Its dual-sided function allows you to modify the chair’s height to your specifications. The Stressless glide mechanism provides maximum stability and mobility. Size and lumbar support can be modified on the Stressless chair and sofa.

Stressless acknowledges the importance of lumbar support for proper posture and comfort. As a result, they design furniture that fits your posture, seating position, and height. This implies that the Stressless chair or sofa is created with your body’s ergonomic and soothing needs. These chairs are not only ergonomic and comfortable, but they also offer motorised functionality.

Stressless chairs have a long history of providing customers with comfort and ergonomic support. They come in a variety of configurations and sizes. The Stressless chairs, with their unique integral systems, are the most excellent alternative for people looking for ergonomic seating. They provide just the right amount of neck and lumbar support. This is especially significant for people who suffer from back pain because good posture leads to better posture and more comfort.

Your chair’s ErgoAdapt(tm) and Power(tm) functions allow it to adjust to your body weight.

These two elements allow your chair to sustain your body weight and give optimum back support. ErgoAdapt and Power allow you to fully adjust your chair to your body size. ErgoAdapt allows your chair to adjust to your body weight, which is helpful if you work at a desk for long periods. ErgoAdapt also features aid in the maintenance of optimal posture while seated.

Ergonomic office chairs include adjustable height and width. Most of them have adjustable armrests. They should be padded and shaped to fit your body’s form. Armrests should also be height adjustable. Some chairs feature adjustable widths, allowing you to tailor them to different body types. You should also search for casters that roll smoothly.

For comfort, a seat pan is also required. A contoured seat pan should support your legs without catching behind your knees. A seat pan should be long enough to comfortably support three-quarters of your thigh. The fact that most ergonomic chairs have movable seat pans is a plus. The waterfall front of the seat pan is a nice touch that keeps it from catching behind your knees.

The ErgoAdapt(r) Glide mechanism adapts to your body weight automatically.

The Stressless Wing recliner is a cutting-edge device that has proprietary auto-glide technology. The chair detects your weight and movement and moves on its own. Its two-stem base provides excellent stability and simplicity of usage, and its backrest automatically adapts to your body weight. The Stressless Wing recliner, unlike ordinary reclining chairs, has a revolutionary 360-degree swivel movement.


Stressless chairs’ Glide system automatically adjusts to your body weight and shape to deliver the best lumbar support. This technology keeps you from unduly reclined or under-recognized and lets you sink deeper into the chair for ultimate comfort. The unique Glide mechanism will allow you to nap in the flat while relaxing!


Stressless chairs’ ErgoAdapt(tm) system automatically analyses your weight and body motions to support your head, shoulders, and lower back properly. With its two tension knobs, this technology allows you to modify your seat height and recline your chair. Ottomans tilt with the legs to provide optimal support. The ErgoAdapt(tm) system comes with a 10-year warranty and is available in high-quality fabric for extra comfort.

Stressless recliners provide additional benefits aside from comfort. Engineers at Stressless created seamless support from your knees to your head without sacrificing lumbar, authority, or leg support. Stressless glide chairs are available in various sizes and combinations to meet your specific body shape and needs. Finding the ideal Stressless chair for your needs is therefore simple. Baer’s Furniture is an authorised retailer of Stressless furniture.

The Stressless(r) Glide mechanism adjusts to your body weight automatically.

The Stressless Glide chair has a two-step base and delivers an ergonomically optimal sitting position with improved comfort. Its spring mechanism provides exceptional stability while allowing for 360-degree tilting and turning. Other advantages include the chair’s dual-sided functionality and lifetime warranty. Its revolutionary Stressless Glide technology automatically adjusts to your body weight, delivering ideal support and comfort.

The Stressless Glide technology adjusts to your body weight and shapes automatically, allowing you to sink deeper into your recliner. Because this chair does not conform to predefined reclining configurations, you can enjoy the ideal sitting position. The swivel base and air pockets allow you to modify the recline position to your liking. The Stressless knows how to unwind.

There are also ergonomic dining chairs and sofas available. Deep seats, luxurious cushioning, and a 360-degree swivel system distinguish Stressless chairs. A LegComfort(tm) system is also available on select models. These characteristics assist you in achieving the ideal sitting or sleeping position. This is especially critical if you spend much time on your computer or watching TV.

Since 1971, the Stressless recliner has been linked with relaxation. It is manufactured in Norway. Engineers at Stressless worked hard to create a continuous support system from your knees to your head. The Glide System is a hidden reclining mechanism beneath the chair’s surface. It enables you to change your recline position without sacrificing leg, authority, or lumbar support. The Stressless glide system is available in various sizes and comes with a ten-year warranty.

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