Thermal Store – Mains Pressure Hot Water Performance Without the Restrictions of Unvented Cylinders

Thermal Stores have been a successful and extremely efficient hot water solution in the UK for about 40 years, and many installers prefer them to unvented cylinders. It’s not surprising that it’s often easier to just replace what’s there or revert to what you know best.

However, thermal stores are becoming more popular, owing to the fact that they avoid many of the issues that installers have with unvented cylinders, as well as the hidden costs of installation that are seen as “just part of the job.”

So, why are so many installers considering using a thermal store to simplify the installation process and improve the completed solution with a fit-and-forget hot water solution?

Sometimes it is done out of necessity. For example, when turning commercial premises into private apartments and a mains pressure hot water solution is needed, the discharge pipe required by G3 of the building regulations for unvented systems is practically impossible to create. In other cases, such as when integrating renewable energy sources or the cylinder/tank has to be placed in a particular area of the home where space is restricted, it demonstrates to be the best option for the project.

It simply makes life simpler for knowledgeable installers by providing a fit-and-forget solution that is easier to install and does not need regular maintenance.

Turning the Traditional Approach Around

Thermal Store

But how does thermal storage work?

Thermal storage’s ability to offer mains pressure hot water while requiring no continuing yearly maintenance makes it a perfect choice for unvented units for end users, housing associations, and landlords.

This is performed by reversing the standard hot water method.

Instead of storing hot water under pressure in a cylinder and then using it for taps and showers as needed, the thermal store works more like a battery, storing energy from any fuel source when it is cost-effective and then providing hot water and heating as needed in an inherently safe open vented store.

The cold water from the mains is sent via the incredibly efficient internal coil to generate mains pressure hot water. Because the hot water is made instantaneously and not stored, there is no danger of legionella.

Another benefit of thermal storage over unvented systems is that domestic hot water is combined at the unit to provide the optimal temperature of around 52 degrees Celsius when delivered to the taps and showers.

To provide warmth, the stored water is cycled via the underfloor heating system or wet central heating system.

Making the Installation Process Easier

Because the system is not pressurized, it acts similarly to a vented cylinder and so gives various additional advantages to installers in terms of simplifying installation.

The flexibility to position the thermal storage anywhere on the property eliminates the need for sophisticated discharge pipework and the consequences of screeding the pipework under the floor, which is necessary to provide the requisite fall prior to discharging into a high-temperature soil stack. This makes them an excellent alternative for apartment complexes or projects converting commercial office buildings into private houses since it allows for the distribution of mains pressure hot water throughout the property.

Furthermore, regardless of whether the need is tall, short, fat, or thin, the thermal storage may be designed as a completely customized solution, not only in terms of tapping points but also overall dimensions. Thermal storage is distinguished by the additional flexibility of mains pressure hot water supplied by a cube design tank, which means the area required may be decreased by 25% compared to the same cylinder capacity.

All of this suggests that installers will almost probably be able to install a thermal store in the existing space or enable homeowners to transfer the hot water solution to the attic to free up closet space.

Because thermal storage is not pressurized, it does not fall under G3 of the building code and so does not need G3 certification for your installation.

Making the Most of Low-Cost Energy

In these times of rising energy prices, it is vital to adopt a system that provides for the lowest operating costs feasible. When energy is available at a lower cost, such as off-peak electricity, thermal storage is generally recognized as the best option for using it. Furthermore, integrating several renewable energy sources might result in a really efficient solution, such as using solar to capitalize on energy generated during the summer months and a solid fuel stove to supply power during the colder winter months.

A thermal store is a perfect solution for both installers and homeowners due to its unique ability to catch energy as it is made, store it until it is required, and then turn the heat into heating and hot water on demand.

About Mcdonald Water Storage

McDonald Water Storage is a major producer of hot water systems in the UK, with an unrivaled reputation for quality and service. As a privately owned, independent hot water tank manufacturer, we are devoted to providing a flexible service that meets the demands of the present economic situation.

This is evident in our vast product line and our ability to tailor any cylinder to your specific requirements, whether it’s a one-off customized cylinder or a major contract that would benefit from custom diameters or connectors for simplicity of installation.

We have unparalleled expertise in designing and constructing hot water cylinders for renewable energy sources. Architects, engineers, specifiers, and installers often rely on our experience to guarantee that the most effective and efficient cylinder is provided.

While copper remains our preferred material because to its greater heat transmission, environmental advantages, and antibacterial qualities, we also offer stainless steel unvented cylinders for applications with limited budgets.

Quality is still at the heart of all of our efforts, from the material quality to the systems and procedures we use. We have a quality system that meets BSEN ISO 9002. The STEELflow and POWERflow unvented system ranges are also WRc (Water Research Council) certified.

If you would like to understand our values, aims and objectives for the coming year, along with an insight into what we do and our background, click here to download our latest Business Plan.

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