The Acupuncture Treatment’s Effectiveness

When you’re in pain, you usually reach for your medications to alleviate your discomfort. Unfortunately, while they do relieve pain, they also have the side effects associated with swallowing foreign drugs. Do you honestly believe that the quick fixes you’ve been taking are actually beneficial to your body, despite the fact that modern medicine has invented pharmaceuticals that may instantly relieve pain? Why not try acupuncture, which is more effective and safer?

Acupuncture: What is it and how does it work?

Because of current health trends, acupuncture has grown in popularity in recent decades. Acupuncture is a traditional treatment found in traditional Chinese medicine. Alternative medicine raises many eyebrows among scientists, yet it is worth studying before rejecting it as quackery.

The Effectiveness Of Acupuncture

Procedures for Beginners

Needles are carefully put into the skin, each one corresponding to one of the body’s many pressure points. An acupuncturist, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, can manipulate the flow of chi or life energy by inserting a needle into a pressure point, relieving pain, and gradually treating the patient. While most people dismiss chi as nonsense, science has proved that when needles are placed into the body, endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers, are released, assisting in pain relief.


Acupuncturists nowadays use ethylene oxide-sanitized disposable small stainless steel needles with sizes ranging from 0.007 to 0.020 inches. Because these needles are much finer than hypodermic syringe needles, being pricked by them is often pleasurable. The upper half of the needle is wrapped with either a thicker bronze wire or plastic to make it stronger and easier to handle. The length of the needle and the depth to which it is inserted are determined by the acupuncturist and his or her preferred style of acupuncture.

Case Study on Treatment

When a patient gets a headache, the sensitive areas between the thumbs and palms are stimulated to diagnose and treat the condition. In acupuncture philosophy, these points are related with the face and head and can be used to treat headaches and other ailments. After that, needles are carefully inserted into the skin until the patient feels a twinge, which is typically accompanied by a little involuntary twitching of the affected area. Several things could occur throughout this treatment.

– Sensitivity to pain where needles are inserted.

– In the case of severe headaches, a touch of nausea during therapy.

– The pain relief is almost immediate.


Acupuncture has progressed into the modern-day as a result of technological advances and recent scientific achievements. Electrical stimulation is a popular treatment that is used in conjunction with acupuncture to improve outcomes. Acupuncturists used this eastern technique with western treatments to improve therapy efficacy.

Practitioners have finally realized that clinging to one school of thought would not lead to growth unless they are also willing to look to other vistas.

Reactions And Research

As acupuncture enters a new era, give it a try when you need pain relief; you won’t be disappointed. We should use it as the Chinese have done for centuries.

Do’s and Don’ts of Acupuncture

Certain aspects must be communicated to patients before, during, and after surgery. The same is true for people who undergo acupuncture because there are specific dos and don’ts that patients must follow in order for the therapy to be as effective as possible.

To begin, avoid eating a heavy meal before or after therapy.

You should avoid working out, engaging in sexual activity, or ingesting alcoholic beverages for six hours before and after therapy.

Because an acupuncture treatment can last anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours, depending on how frequently you visit the clinic, you should prepare ahead of time to allow for recovery time.

You probably spoke with a doctor before visiting the acupuncturist. Don’t forget to take any prescription medications that have been prescribed to you.

After just one or two sessions with the acupuncturist, you may not notice any difference. Nonetheless, writing this down can assist you to inform the acupuncturist how you felt throughout the prior session at your next appointment. The practitioner will be able to evaluate what needs to be adjusted in the future to assist you with your condition as a result of your comments.

The acupuncturist may recommend some herbs to you as part of your treatment. However, because you don’t know if taking them together will cause any side effects with your current medication, you should consult your doctor first.

Pregnant women should avoid acupuncture as well. They can do so once the baby is born, however.

The professional who will provide the acupuncture therapy will also determine its success. As a result, you should examine their years of expertise and talent in order for them to make the right diagnosis, locate the acupoints in the body, decide the angle at which the needles are put, and the many ways they can used to stimulate the needle.

This begs the question of how to find a skilled acupuncturist. To make this work, we must first approach our doctor for a referral. It wouldn’t hurt to conduct some research online as well. After all, there are over 3,000 acupuncturists in the United States, so locating one should be simple.

Inquire about the acupuncturist’s credentials before scheduling an acupuncture treatment with them. This will also teach you how much they charge every session, which can range from £40 to more than £125.

How Acupuncture Can Improve Your Health

You will most likely be given the name and phone number of a previous client so that you can inquire about their experience. Remember, if something doesn’t work out, don’t be afraid to look for someone who will.

The most important thing to do during the session is to relax. Inform the acupuncturist if you experience an itch or anything else. If you are nervous or have a burning sensation, the needles will be removed.

You should consider whether acupuncture is right for you now that you understand the dos and don’ts of the treatment. If traditional medicine does not work, it is not a bad idea to try something new.

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