Magic spells for love, or put more simply, love magic is a highly controversial topic in the field of magic. It is, therefore, crucial to be aware of and understand the fundamentals.

There are many views on whether it is ethical to bend another person’s will to admire them. Fortunately, some rules apply to this type of magic. So before we begin, if you are searching for love and want to keep clear from anything dark, you are in the right spot!

True love starts on the inside. You don’t need confirmation from anyone else. If a relationship of any kind has become toxic, you must strike it from your life. These spells are about love, which is not always tied to another person, so you can use them to give yourself the love you deserve.

What is Love Magic, and How Does it Work?

Love magic is about attracting, well, love!

But make no mistake: it will not cause anyone to fall madly and completely in love with you. Magic spells for love only works if the energy is present and already flowing in a particular direction.
Subsequently, suppose you and your crush have mutual feelings for each other. In that case, magic can accelerate the energy between you. It acts as a magnetic force that brings the two of you closer together. Love magic is not about making someone fall in love with you, but about attracting love already there – and that can take many forms. Be open to everything and open to your heart.

A love potion is a series of rituals and practices designed to arouse feelings of love between two people. It may be as easy as burning a candle and saying a few words or perhaps something a little more complex, like performing an elaborate ritual.

Love Magic Needs Pure Intention

Magic Spells for love are generally considered magical ways to bring two people together and are often created with the intention of manifesting the desires and longings one has for their partner.

In order to be successful with love spells, it is vital to clearly and honestly state your intention. To do this, the conjurer must handwrite an actual letter. In this letter, you must clearly express what you want to get from a particular person or what you want to attract into your own life.
This letter of intent should be short, concise, and written in private. After writing the letter, burn it to release the energy from the ashes into the universe.
When writing a letter of intent or even starting a spell, you absolutely must be careful what is best for you. If you summon someone who appeals to your higher attitude, you will attract that person and that energy. If you only want to attract another who is not emotionally available, he or she will not appear in your life.

Five Main Categories of Love Magic Spells

A love spell can be performed by a single person or a small group and is often used to

  • Bring back a lost loved one
  • Attract a new love
  • Increase the passion between lovers
  • or even to make one person fall in true love with another.

It is crucial to note that love spells can be performed with either black magic or white magic. We recommend white magic, as we firmly believe that positive feelings outweigh negativity each and every occasion. Remember the Wiccan Rule of 3 – what you send out may come back to you, so think carefully before making that decision!

5 Love Spells for Beginners

Magic Spells For Love

Where possible, all love spells should be performed on Friday, the day of Venus. Venus is the goddess of love. Before using these spells, meditate and write your statement of intent (your goal).

Daily Affirmations

Reciting your personal mantra every morning and evening while looking in the mirror will attract love. It will attract a partner who is compatible with where you are at on every plane. Repeating these affirmations will keep reminding the universe that you are worthy of love and deserve it every day.

Bath Magic
With Himalayan salt, a drop of honey, a smidge of cinnamon, rose petals, hibiscus, you can create the ultimate concoction to open your heart to love. Place a chunk of rose quartz directly on your heart chakra to heal and revive your vibrations. Meditate for 15 minutes on the ideal partner or relationship you want to bring forth during the bath. Also, play romantic music to enhance a magical and love-worthy mood.

candle magic spellsAttract a Lover With Candle Magic

Carve your name and zodiac sign on one side with a pink candle. On the other, write the name and zodiac sign of your lover. On the outside of the candle, place rose oil with a few rose petals. Next, add some gardenia, ginger, honeysuckle, iris root and jasmine oil. You can decorate the candle with pink or red glitter, which Venus will certainly love and appreciate. Finally, set alight your prepared candle and allow it to burn completely down until the fire goes out. Check out this great resource of magic spell candles!

Honey pot
On a nice piece of paper or cardboard, write down the name of your crush and place it in a jar of honey. Within a week or two, they may love you in response.

Find a dream lover
Prepare a small sachet with sage, rose petals, lavender, pomegranate seeds, and a pink or clear quartz crystal. Put everything in a small bag and place it under your bed or pillow for a fortnight while you sleep. This is how you will draw the ideal lover you dream of into reality.

Advanced Magical Love Spells

Casting a love spell can be an effective way to get all the love you need and want to enter your life. Far away from what the movies and TV would expect you to believe, magic spells for love have nothing to do with manipulating or controlling others. These spells bring energies together – but only if both spirits want this. And the duality inherent in the nature of magic means that you can even use certain love spells to free yourself from unhealthy and toxic relationships of any kind.

Magic Spells for love are used for all types of relationships: romantic, platonic, familial, business and others.

1. Magic Spells of Attraction

Attraction spells can be deployed to stimulate interest between two people. An attraction spell can make others like you more or feel romantic and emotional towards you. The main difference between a simple love spell and a romantic attraction spell is that the attraction is more temporary. In contrast, love magic spells aim to create a longer commitment. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they are mutually exclusive. You can have fun with both if that is your intention!
Love and Attraction
In fact, if one is pretty good, both can of course be even better still. The ideals of attraction and love benefit from each other and are enriched by the presence of the other. The same can be said of love spells and attraction spells. A given love spell can create a strong connection between two people, and the attraction spell can then help them to be attracted to each other. This is an extremely effective combination.

More Ways to Use Attraction Spells

You may choose to perform an attraction spell on yourself to radiate an attractive and dynamic vibe. An attraction spell is a kind of magic love spell that attracts people to you. The main aim of this particular love spell is to radiate positive energy and attract people who are looking for someone like you. You can use an attraction spell on yourself or on someone else.
An attraction spell can also enhance your career: A common misconception about attraction spells is that they only relate to romantic interests. In reality, attraction spells can also help you succeed in your career.

Attraction Spells

2. Spells for Crushes

Love spells are cast every day all over the world. It doesn’t take a whole lot of thinking to work out why when you look at the many benefits of these spells. Crush attraction spells are among the most favored love spells.

Sturdy Magic Spells

Crush spells are known for their robustness and do not carry a high risk of failure or backlash. With these type of magic spells for love you will encounter minimal negative repercussions also. In fact, there are many reasons why crushing spells have become so popular in recent years.

Crush Spells Deliver What They Promise.

Crushing spells are easy to cast but quite difficult to suppress. If you want to dissolve their effect, you need to find a spell designed for the very purpose of removing them. Considering that it takes a significant amount of time for results to take effect, slowness is an advantage you should also use.

3. Binding Spells

While some of the other categories in this list are designed to create bonds, binding spells tend to lead to additional layers of loyalty and devotion within the lover or partner you already have. And when it comes to a boyfriend/girlfriend type of relationship, commitment spells can even lead your partner to make a more profound vow of love and loyalty. If you’re waiting to hear the wedding bells ring, commitment spells could be the solution you’re looking for.

4. Magic Spells For Love and Marriage

For many people, marriage is the conclusion of several phases of life and comes at a time when they are ready to take the next step. But sometimes, the two parties are not on the same page. Sometimes their feet get cold. And other times, there are people who interfere – family, friends, colleagues – who put roadblocks in your way.

Whatever the cause, a wedding spell is one of the most powerful love spells. On paper, this sounds logical, as marriage itself is arguably the most powerful of all relationship types.

5. The Magic Spells of Obsession

Another potentially dangerous incantation is Obsession spells, which are often (but not always) considered black magic. Obsession spells are powerful and should be treated with consideration, respect, and extreme caution.
Just like the word “Obsession,” an Obsession magic spell can be problematic and hurtful. We recommend that you consult an experienced spell caster and learn about the information, materials, incantations, and symbols used in these spells.

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