What does a Commercial lawyer do?

A commercial lawyer can be a great asset to a company and help protect company property and interests. 

Lawyers have specialised training in commercial law, intellectual property, and other business areas.

A simple overview is that commercial lawyers advise clients who either want to complete commercial transactions or resolve commercial disputes, focusing on the business world.

Commercial lawyers have many responsibilities depending on the needs of their clients. Here are eight typical duties of licensed business lawyers.

Commercial law is sometimes also called business law or company law. It deals with the laws that govern trade, distribution and merchandising, and the companies and individuals involved in these activities.

Australian commercial law is derived from several sources. 

First, the Corporations Act 2001 (which was simplified by the Corporate Law Economic Reform Program Act 2004) sets out the rules that govern how companies are formed and how they must operate, both internally and in their interaction with other companies. 

This law is administered by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. (ASIC)

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Do you need a commercial or business lawyer? 

Carolyn Ryder commercial and business law team support business owners with commercial law advice. 

As an Australian commercial law firm, we have personally advised hundreds of small businesses, SMEs and corporations.

Our experienced team offers fixed price quotes for our legal services. Unlike traditional law firms that charge by the hour, this ensures transparency and certainty in legal fees. 

Our team of specialist commercial lawyers also work with small business owners providing timely, high quality and cost-effective advice. Our experienced team can assist you in all commercial law matters:

Meet Carolyn Ryder – Logan Solicitor

What sort of commercial law work does Carolyn Ryder commercial lawyers do?

  • Drafting or reviewing commercial and business contracts.
  • Dispute resolution, contractual disputes and litigation
  • Sale and purchase of businesses
  • Labour law and employment contracts
  • Real estate and leasing
  • Franchising
  • Consumer Law

Commercial law applies to persons and entities engaged in business and commercial transactions. 

Company law deals with the legal principles that apply to companies and other legal entities.

Commercial law is broad.

A talented lawyer will have good client relationships, business acumen, and leadership potential.

Types of law that a commercial lawyer can specialise in 

  •     Contract law.
  •     Intellectual property law.
  •     Data protection law.
  •     Employment law.
  •     Corporate law.

A big part of a commercial lawyer’s job is to conduct business, manage paperwork, and work with clients to help them achieve their goals. By being able to understand a business and the goals of the business allows a commercial lawyer to find solutions to their problems. 

It’s about managing a range of different business transactions.

Some of the activities that commercial lawyers will undertake for their clients are:

Drafting legal documents

Business lawyers draft legal documents for businesses and organisations. These documents may include

  •     Demand letter
  •     Warning letter and cease and desist letter.
  •     Partnership agreement
  •     Privacy policy
  •     Corporate Merger Agreement
  •     Shareholders Agreement

A business lawyer studies the laws and interprets them in each document to fully protect the business and ensure it complies. The lawyer then drafts the document, checks it for accuracy and obtains any necessary signatures or supporting documents from its executives. 

The lawyers often file these documents on behalf of their clients in the courtroom or through the government’s online portal.

Representing clients in court

This is not very common for commercial lawyers as they mainly deal with contracts although there are times where a court case will happen.
A commercial lawyer is the legal representative of a company or organisation and represents that organisation in court. 

Should the business ever face criminal charges or an appeal before a judge? The business lawyer represents the business in its defence and litigation.
By representing a business in court may also mean that the business lawyer is responsible for preparing court documents and seeking further or lesser legal action on behalf of the client. Business lawyers also advise their clients on how best to navigate a courtroom and the legal process.

Anticipating legal concerns

Business lawyers advise businesses on potential legal problems in specific industries or practices. In addition, they help alert companies when activities fall outside the rule of law and present legal issues. 

They can also help companies develop internal policies that provide legal protection. For example, the company could draft an agreement that does not impose a legal obligation to pay damages between clients and the company. 

Commercial lawyers help the company plan ahead to avoid unnecessary costs or litigation.

Overcoming legal problems


Prevent Ransomware

Large companies with an in-house legal team will have lawyers involved and look over many parts of the business activities.

If a business gets into legal trouble, the business lawyer represents the business and resolves the legal problems.
An example of this can be if a court fines a company for safety violations.
The business lawyer can investigate the incident, gather evidence on behalf of the company, and file an appeal against the fine. 

In addition, the lawyers help the company navigate the legal process and advise it on the best course of action. Usually, the business lawyer builds a close relationship with its executives during their work.

Negotiate with other companies

Business lawyers often oversee the negotiation process or participate directly in negotiations between two companies. As a representative of the company, the business lawyer may make decisions in the company’s best interests and negotiate to ensure that the terms meet the company’s needs.
Offering advice to the company’s executives on how to handle and deal with compliance.

Keep up to date with new laws

Business lawyers study and interpret new business laws to advise and guide the business. For example, if the government enacts a new customs law for international trade, the business lawyer may study it and explain its meaning to company executives. This requires lawyers to keep abreast of the latest legal procedures and new laws and interpret them accordingly.
Business lawyers also study the requirements for setting up or dissolving a company.

We are ensuring business compliance.

Business lawyers assist businesses in complying with legal requirements. This may include legal standards for business operations, employee safety and compensation, or environmental compliance.
Lawyers investigate compliance laws and explain them to managers.
They also point out the penalties for non-compliance and help companies keep compliance records up to date.
For example, a company must submit safety inspection reports to comply with regulatory safety standards once a year. In addition, lawyers can facilitate the process by making the laws easier to understand.
This is done by drafting the paperwork and filing the documents with regulators.

Protection of company property and assets.

Business lawyers also help companies protect their assets and property. For example, business lawyers often deal with intellectual property law. Therefore this governs a company’s rights to any content from creative minds, such as logos, images or other media.
This is important because intellectual property laws protect business ideas and assets from being stolen or copied, which can be costly. 

Plus lawyers help companies comply with intellectual property and asset protection laws. Taking legal action against other businesses that break these laws and threaten the business.

What is a business lawyer?

A business lawyer is often confused with a commercial lawyer, and in many instances, they can cross over with parts of the legal areas they work in.

You may have watched legal shows like the Netflix series “Suits” and love the antics that the main character Harvey Spector is involved in. Truthfuly you can see that this is nothing like a typical business, corporate or commercial law firms cases.

Business lawyers represent the business and act in its best interests by helping the company follow the law and comply with government regulations.

What makes an excellent Commercial lawyer?

A good lawyer is characterised by a relentless, responsive, strategic and professional approach to your legal matters.
Staying focused on maintaining a long-term relationship will lead to a great partnership.

A good commercial lawyer is what our business litigation specialists focus on when it comes to protecting your interests: 

  •  Sensitive and strategic negotiation and risk management.
  • Expert, personalised and cost-effective advice on managing and, where possible, avoiding litigation
  • Professional advice on the resolution and management of commercial disputes

Commercial Logan lawyers in tune with clients

At Carolyn Ryder, we don’t just provide a legal service – we work in partnership with you to gain a deep understanding of your business objectives. 

Our job is to get the best possible deal for you in the particular circumstances of your business to give you an advantage.
We are a team of professionals who have combined experience across various industries, sectors, and specialisms.

We are up-to-date knowledge of legal and regulatory frameworks with practical business experience.
Our legal packages come with a practical fee policy with no surprises.
We deliver timely results without sacrificing care and attention to our clients’ needs.

For more information for Brisbane and Logan based small business owners – visit for more information https://carolynryder.com/

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