Branded Gazebos – How They Can Help Your Business: Printing your logo on branded gazebos makes them a fantastic choice for pop-up events such as trade shows, fairs, markets, and displays. Banner World provides heavy-duty pop-up gazebo frames in three sizes, as well as a range of full-colour printed canopies and sides that cover the entire frame.

Our frames are made to the highest standards and are designed to be used repeatedly. We use a heavy-duty 40mm double-hexagonal extrusion for maximum strength, which is substantially stronger than other, less expensive frames on the market.

Our printed canopies and sidewalls are made from our tough waterproof tent fabric, making them ideal for use in inclement weather and other hard conditions. Banner World Printed Gazebos are an excellent method to protect yourself, your items, and your customers from the elements. They are also reasonably priced, starting at roughly £600!

Making Your Own Gazebo Design

We employ dye-sublimation technology to print the Gazebo Canopies and Side-Walls that we make. This produces full-colour prints that are rich and bright. You can use any colours, logos, text, and images you like in your design. Sidewalls can be printed on both sides of the cloth or on one site alone. We may provide PDF templates for your creative team to use, or we can generate artwork to fit your requirements.

Any design or colour you want can be applied to any part of your gazebo, including the inside and outside. There are no constraints on the design or colour you select (we can also match Pantone colours). Dye-sublimation ensures that the print is thoroughly covered from seam to seam throughout the entire gazebo since the artwork is incorporated into the fabric before it is put together.

A Branded Gazebo

Pop Up Gazebos are easy to set up and takedown.

Banner World Printed Gazebos are simple to set up and dismantle. There is no need to connect any poles; simply take the sturdy gazebo structure out of its suitcase and pop it up! The printed canopy is simple to assemble and secure, and the side walls are fastened with heavy-duty velcro. It only takes around 10 minutes to set up.

Each Gazebo comes with heavy-duty pegs, guy ropes, and a mallet to make installation into the ground as straightforward as possible.

Corner weights can also be used to keep your Gazebo stable in windy conditions.

Always set to go and easily transportable

Because they are supplied in a zipped, wheeled bag, the Banner World Printed Gazebos are simple to store and transport.

Performance and quality assurance

By design, all of our printed gazebos are UV stable, flame retardant, and waterproof. With the purchase of the frames, a 12-month manufacturer’s guarantee is included. Spare components are always accessible in the unlikely event that any component of our frames fails.

Our gazebo frames are made of commercial-grade materials. These are not the same as the low-cost pop-up gazebos you might see in your garden, when camping, or while spending the day at the beach.

They are designed to be used on a regular basis and to withstand a wide range of weather conditions.

Canopies and walls with printed graphics are always available on their own.

Make a statement with a gazebo that is truly one-of-a-kind to you…

The ability to effectively brand a company is critical for any organisation, but with competition fiercer than ever, it can be difficult to differentiate your company from the competition. Attending trade exhibitions and networking events has shown to be a great technique for engaging with your target market. However, without an eye-catching display, attracting potential clients may be tough in the first place.

When you use custom printed branded gazebos, you can market your business while also inviting members of the general public to learn more about your products or services. The design of your company’s custom gazebo should feature enough creative curiosity to spark the interest of even the wariest of clients in order to urge even the wariest of passersby to stop and take a look.

What exactly is a printed Gazebo, and how does it function?

As a temporary shelter, a printed gazebo might be employed. Useful for trade exhibitions, exhibits, marketplaces, and other comparable events and venues. A printed gazebo is a metal frame with waterproof textiles that can be quickly constructed and disassembled, making it a great choice for pop-up shops or events that require a branded stand or booth.

Customized Gazebos

Our gazebo printing service employs the most cutting-edge fabric printing technology available. Our gazebo frames come with a full-colour roof that has been professionally printed. We provide gazebo printing in three distinct sizes, including 4.5m x 3m and the largest available at 6m x 3m, in addition to 3m x 3m. However, you may build longer gazebos by connecting them to one another, allowing you to create a long line of outdoor shelters.

What size of gazebo do I need to buy?

Banner World offers printed gazebos in three distinct sizes:

3 metres x 3 metres
3-metre x 4.5 metre
3 metres by 6 metres

If necessary, these can be connected together to construct larger event shelters.

Canopy & Printed Walls

You can choose from a variety of different combinations. You may also add more walls to allow you to interchange and rearrange your printed wall as needed. The upper border of the gazebo walls is velcro-covered, allowing it to be fastened to the roof canopy. Velcro tabs that securely wrap around the gazebo frame keep your walls on the wall sides in place. The fabric edges on the side walls are hemmed, and there are velcro tabs on the wall sides to hold your walls in place. Our printed gazebo walls are available in three different styles:

The interior of the wall, In other words, the printed side may be seen from inside the tent.
Outside, there is a wall. The design has been printed on the outside of the tent, where it can be seen.
Walls that are two-sided. The graphic is printed on both sides.

When placing your order, it is vital that you select a suitable wall type. Because we make our exterior and inside walls differently, they cannot serve the same purpose on both sides of the house. As a result, while placing your order, please be sure to specify the wall types that you desire.


Half-height walls or half walls that come up to waist height or 0.78m in height are ideal for maximising space on the front of your Gazebo. Having a half wall is very common among those who want to use their Gazebo as a serving counter or stall. It is also common for the walls on the sides of your Gazebo to be half-height, as the user may prefer to interact with the outside environment.

Complete Walls

Full walls are more common on the back wall of a branded tent than half walls. If you are standing at 2.1m in height, you can utilise full walls to build an enclosure. Full walls are preferable if you want additional privacy or to be shielded from the elements such as wind and rain.

Doors on the walls

We may add entrances to your printed walls if necessary. Is a single vertical zip required to make a flap in your canopy? Is having a double zip that can be utilised to construct a door or opening necessary? When two vertical zips are coupled together to make a flap that can be rolled up over the wall to create a doorway, this is an example of a double zip.

The printing method for a gazebo

Our gazebos are printed with a dye-sublimation print process, which results in brilliant colours. Dye-sublimation printing prevents your designs from running and the print from fading over time. Our tented framework is made of water-resistant 325gsm material. When it rains, this polyester-based material features an internal polyester waterproof liner layer, which repels water and prevents it from soaking into the fabric. Even if it has been raining, simply shake the cloth to remove excess moisture and preserve it until the next time you need it.
Tent frames for gazebos that are built to last.

Our gazebos are built with a heavy-duty aluminium 40mm frame and a double hexagonal construction, making them exceptionally durable. Please be aware that there are lower-cost, lower-quality alternatives on the market. The outside hexagonal profile is 40mm x 40mm x 1mm in size, while the inside hexagonal profile is 35mm x 35mm x 1mm in size. As standard equipment, each frame comes with a carrying case with a reinforced steel bottom, mounting pins, supplemental ropes, and a hammer. Weighted bases, weighing 7.5kg and fitting over the frame legs to provide extra stability in windy conditions, are also available.

What can you do with a personalised gazebo?

Our Gazebos are among our most popular products on the market. A significant part of what makes them such a popular seller is that they can be utilised for a wide range of different purposes, making them ideal for a variety of different events. Outdoor bars can be put up to serve drinks for parties or birthdays. Perhaps you’re planning a gala event where improved brand recognition is critical in order to gain more passing commerce. Because they are both durable and appealing, custom printed gazebos are an excellent choice for use in farmer’s markets. Because they are designed primarily for outside use, our printed gazebos are incredibly sturdy and long-lasting. They are, nevertheless, equally at home indoors. We’ve developed and built gazebos for thousands of trade shows and exhibitions throughout the years.

A gazebo that may be used for any event.

You can use your printed gazebos for a variety of purposes, such as:

Do you have an upcoming party where you’ll need to stay outside? An alternative would be to build a beer tent or an outdoor seating area.
Events and exhibitions are a normal aspect of life. It’s possible that you’re at an exhibition or a trade show. Showcase all of your products or services inside a professionally branded Gazebo.
Shopping malls are places where people go shopping. Do you need a retail space in a shopping centre to display your products? Everything will be taken care of by our custom-printed gazebos. Please forgive the pun!
Farmers’ markets are another location where a printed gazebo tent could be useful. Setting up a few tables to display your fresh fruit is an excellent way to boost your sales.
Another idea is for a printed gazebo to be utilised at festivals. They can give a solution for every outdoor event, whether it’s a beer serving tent or an information booth.
Are you organising a recruitment drive for your company? Several government departments and organisations, including the army, police, and the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, have employed our printed pop-up tents (RNLI).

Tips for creating a branded gazebo and artwork

You will be able to offer us any design you want by using our digital printing technology. Furthermore, we print our Gazebos in full photographic colour, allowing you to create any pattern or apply any graphic effect to the structure that you wish. Downloadable artwork templates are available on the product pages for our gazebos.

Keep things as simple as possible because your gazebo is ultimately a brand awareness exercise. All that is needed to create an effective custom gazebo design for your business are logos, taglines, and contact information.

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