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SYDF’s awareness program has been running for the last 7 years.

The association has different components under the awareness program.

Some of these components are funded and others are not funded yet.

The awareness program aims to provide educative and informative messages to the community with different approaches targeting the different vulnerable groups






Water and sanitation program

This program goal is provide emergency relief and strengthen the resilience of communities to enhance economic recovery in Somalia. The two strategic objectives for the program were, the WASH objective aiming at increased access to sustainable safe water, sanitation, and hygiene, while the Agriculture & Food Security sector objective aimed at diversified household agricultural based livelihoods.




Nutrition :

Nutrition program

SYDF and Yeryuzi Doctorali have jointly implemented project of nutrition program in Abudwaq District, Galgaduud Region of central Somalia this ending year of 2013.

The mainly targeted were children, women and elderly people who live in AL-amin CAMP of Abudwaq.

After heavy floods have destroyed thousands of IDP, s homes in Abudwak town,SYDF has taken drastic measure to ensure a Humanitarian Aid is to render the victims with immediate effect and the first respondent was Yeryuzi Doctorali which has distributed nutrition Buscuits in the areas affected by the server floods.








SYDF has built new secondary school in Balanbal District of Galgaduud region in south central Somalia in the year 2011 with the support of Diasporas and local communities.

We have started with 40 students and 3 teachers, the first year students are currently proceeding to form four.

The curriculum of the school is based on the Kenyan system of education and we have employed Kenyan teachers who have an experience and ability to deliver the necessary knowledge which the students have been ravenously thirsty to acquire.

Nevertheless the school is facing so many challenges due to over enrolment of students and lack of enough teachers.

Therefore we would like to recommend that more classes to build as well as more teachers to be employed.






Sports and culture:


SYDF has launched sports competitions in Balad Hawo town with the main aim of discouraging the young generation to involve violence and inter-community conflicts as well as to encourage the youth to enhance peace co-existence.

There were ten clubs competing in the race and we finally gave a cup to the team which have emerged the final victory.




Human Rights


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